Autumn & Christmas 16+ Capsule Pieces for Cool Skin Tones

Below are the pieces that make up the 16+ Autumn capsule wardrobe for cool skin tones. Carefully chosen to create a maximum number of outfits for smart and casual Autumn days as well as dressy outfits for evenings and Christmas.

Think of the pieces as your guide. You can buy the exact item from the link or or use it as an example to find something similar. There are a few investment pieces to add to your core capsule wardrobe that you will wear again and again.

The neutral colours for the capsule are tones of Grey, Blue and Burgundy and the accent colours in the capsule are mixes of Pinks.

The capsule contains 27 clothing items and 11 accessories, from which we’ve created 41 done for you outfit suggestions! But that isn’t exhaustive so have fun mixing up the pieces and wearing them to suit your personal style. Add more accessories to personalise your capsule or add additional items in colours from your palette.

The Capsule Pieces